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Hybridity Here and Now: Israeli Language, Culture and Identity

29 January, 2013, Beit Leyvik


The conference includes 9 panels

Over three thousand years ago, the Jewish people appeared on the stage of history and became known as “a people dwelling alone, not counting itself among the nations” (Numbers 23:9). Judaism was known for its foreignness and distinctiveness in relation to the religions of other ancient peoples in that it worshipped one God and in its belief that He alone is the source of all creation. However, when examining the history of the Jewish people and its spiritual development, we discover tight-knit, continuous and frequent integration, both on the theoretical and practical levels, with the different non-Jewish societies and cultures among whom Jews lived. The Hebrew language, the Jewish faith, the commentaries, and Jewish intellectual, literary and artistic production, were all nourished by diverse religions and cultures, in addition to their classical Hebraic and Judaic origins, which were hybridic too.

This conference, named Hybridity Here and Now: Israeli Language, Culture and Identity, aims to examine contemporary Israeli culture, the degree to which it reflects the spirit of the Jewish tradition and to what degree it contains diverse universalist elements. The conference aims to reexamine the very definition of Judaism, Hebraism and Israeliness as fundamentally distinct from other religions, cultures, ethnicities and ways of life, and to point to the hybridic character of these entities. The conference will take place at Beit Leyvik, the Israeli Center for Yiddish Culture, and will, among other things, consider the decisive contribution of the Yiddish language, culture and literature to Jewish history in general and to contemporary Israeli society in particular.

Conference Committee Members: 

 Dr Gitit Holtzman

Mr Daniel Galay

Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann

Dr Arie Sober


For registration and additional information:



Beit Leyvik, Dov Hoz 30, Tel Aviv


2012 Leyb Robinlicht Award Ceremony

Friday, 28.12.12, 11:00


The award is being given to the H. Leyvik Farlag publishing house.

Judges: Daniel Galay, Israel Rodnitzky and Dr. Moshe Lamster

The Cultural Program:

A Conversation Between Poets:

Poets Rivka Basman Ben-Haim and Hamutal Bar Yosef will read from the poetry of Malka Hefetz-Tusman in both Yiddish and Hebrew, and will discuss her work


The Musical Program:

Six poems by poet Hamutal Bar-Yosef

Composed and sung by Shoshya Beeri Dotan

Adaptation and piano accompaniment by Daniel Shefi

And Hamutal Bar-Yosef on Flute


Entrance Fees: 20 NIS


Beit Leyvik Cultural Center, 30 Dov Hoz St.

For details and registration:

03-5231830, Leyvikmail@gmail.com

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